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Residential Landlord Tenant Disputes & Evictions

West Palm Beach Eviction Attorney


The landlord-tenant relationship could result in a dispute over any aspect of renting or leasing a residential property. Our attorney represents both landlords and tenants. If you are dealing with an eviction or other landlord-tenant matters in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, or surrounding areas in the state of Florida, speak with one of our attorneys to obtain professional legal assistance to resolve your issue.

Tenant Responsibilities

Residential tenants should insist on entering into a written lease agreement with the landlord. Florida law does not require a written lease, but it is advisable to have all terms clearly stated in such an agreement. Prior to entering into a lease, tenants should inspect the premises and make note of damaged items, broken fixtures, worn carpets, etc. This should be given to the landlord in writing, with a copy retained by the tenant to prevent future disputes.

Landlord Responsibilities

In Florida, residential landlords are required to provide properties that are in a working, weatherproof and rodent-free condition. The roof must not leak, hot water must be provided for kitchens and bathrooms and the toilet must be functional. In addition, cooking and heating equipment must be safely installed and in good working order and outside doors must have locks.








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