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Practice Areas

Evan S. Kass handles all types of legal matters from simple to complex.

If you do not see an area below which pertains to your exact legal situation,

please call us at 561-932-1686 to discuss your exact legal situation.



As a Divorce attorney in West Palm Beach, FL, Mr. Kass takes pride in helping families through their stressful times. Mr. Kass will guide you through the legal minefield that a divorce takes place in. While a divorce can be emotional and sometimes highly contested, rest assured that Mr. Kass will work hard to protect you and your assets.


If you have already been served with a petition, please call me immediatly, as you only have 20 days from when you were served to file an answer.


Contact at 561-932-1686.


Guardianships have become a necessity in this day and age. They allow parents, friends, or any other caretaker to be able to make medical, financial, property, living, contract, and public benefit decisions for their Ward.


Please contact me to discuss whether you or a loved one needs a guardiansihp.

Family Law


Mr. Kass handles all types of Family Law cases including: Divorce, Paternity, Adoption, Guardianship, Name Changes, Custody issues, Child Support Modifications, and Domestic Violence Injunctions.


Call me to discuss your family issues.


All calls are private and confidential.


Wills and Estates


Planning for your end-of-life is extremely important in order to avoid confusion, arguments, and grief at a time when your family, friends, and loved ones are struggling with loss. Estate planning in the form of a Will or Trust can ensure that your family will know what to do with your property and assets when you pass on.


Call me to discuss your options on how you can set-up your estate to provide for the smoothest transition of your property and assets.

Landlord- Tenant Law

Mr. Kass represents those who are being evicted or want to know their rights if a landlord is not following the leasing agreement.


If you have been served with or are about to be served with an eviction, please contact our office immediately as you only have a limited time to be able to respond and fight the eviction.




Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability and Public Benefits: If you have become permanently injured and can no longer work, you may be entitled to Social Security benefits. Even if you have not been able to hold a steady job or have not worked in awhile, you may still be eligible.


Please contact me to discuss your claim.

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